Mr Steal Yo Crypto

The offensive security playground for exploiting smart contracts

Mr Steal Yo Crypto is a series of wargame challenges where you are tasked with exploiting smart contracts covering varying use cases within crypto.

The challenges are loosely (or directly) inspired by real world exploits. Throughout numerous challenges you will build the skills necessary to become a hunter in the space.


Each challenge can be considered standalone. Depending on the challenge, you should either stop the system from working, take as much funds as possible, or do some other unexpected things. Each vary in difficulty.

# Name
1 Jpeg Sniper
2 Safu Vault
3 Game Assets
4 Free Lunch
5 Safu Wallet
6 Tasty Stake
7 Freebie
8 NFT Bonanza
9 Inflationary Net Worth
10 Governance Shenanigans
11 Bonding Curve
12 Flash Loaner
13 Safu Swapper
14 Side Entrance
15 Malleable
16 Extractoor
17 Opyn Sesame
18 Degen Jackpot
19 Fatality
20 Safu Lender

How to play

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run git checkout implement
  3. Install dependencies with yarn
  4. Code your solutions in the associated files in the test folder.
  5. In some cases, you may need to code and deploy custom smart contracts.
  6. Run your exploit for a challenge with yarn hardhat test test/challenge-name.ts. In all challenges you must use the account called attacker (unless otherwise specified).

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